Wednesday, 21 September 2016

This week in Launceston

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Just three weeks ago Patrick, Susie, Clive, Tim, Jillian and Marion started working together.   Since then, this small group of Bass GetUp members have got to know one another, learnt what drives their motivations for a just Australia, and banded together to prepare for a meeting with your new MP, Ross Hart. In Launceston on Tuesday, the team talked to Mr Hart about the whopping 4077 GetUp members who live in Bass,and the value of building an ongoing relationship and dialogue with him. Here's what Patrick had to say about the meeting:

"Mr Hart told us he's particularly concerned about rising inequality, and said it would be the issue he'd champion within his own party. He's well across health, education and social welfare issues.   We spoke about the risk of losing federal funding for Mersey Hospital. Mr Hart told us he supports continued federal funding because without it the health system of the entire north-west will collapse. The meeting went really well and Mr Hart was very congenial. He is absolutely aware of GetUp members' involvement during the election and acknowledged that without us a different outcome could have been possible."
The meeting went so well that Mr Hart emailed the team just hours after the meeting to thank them and say:

"Please encourage [GetUp] members to communicate with me freely on any issue, as I look foward to continuing our relationship and ensuring that a robust dialogue will encourage the healthy democratic process here in Bass."

Strong lines of communication between the local GetUp community and Mr Hart's office are important because when crisis strikes on the issues that matter, we'll need him to answer the phone, respond to our emails and listen to our concerns. So let's make sure Mr Hart knows we appreciate this meeting with GetUp members and look forward to more. Can you send Mr Hart a quick email or tweet to let him know you appreciate this excellent meeting? E mail Mr Hart <https://

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