Friday, 9 September 2016

A UNIVERSITY FORUM: Tides of Change Tues Sept 13

University of Tasmania
Organiser of Tides of Change: The future of Launceston’s waterfront

The University's Public Lecture and Forum program provides an opportunity to
engage with our broader community to provide a platform for ideas, debate and discussion.

Launceston is a small regional city and one with a rich and long history. As is the case for all settlements, its physical form has been shaped by the natural, cultural, political and economic environment in which it was established and grows. One key natural feature that shaped Launceston's development is the river system on which it is located. Recent waterfront projects such as Seaport and Inveresk are converting former industrial sites into places for sport, education, housing, tourism and business. A number of additional projects are soon to commence on site or are in planning. It is timely, therefore, that we consider how the city might develop over coming years to improve its liveability by improving the wellbeing of its citizens.

The forum will explore the future of Launceston, its waterfront and its built environment through the lenses of social, cultural and ecological amenity and history, climate change and the political and economic opportunities and constraints afforded by business.



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