Monday, 19 September 2016

Tasmania's Humpty Dumpty Club Membership Grows Daily

3 councillors have withdrawn
from the flawed mediation process!

Sep 19, 2016
Two more councillors have followed Mayor Peter Coad in announcing their withdrawal from the flawed unworkable mediation process, that was part of the 7 directions handed down by Minister Peter Gutwein ....... The mayor said that he had told Mr Gutwein, in a letter on Tuesday (September 13), that he was no longer willing to participate in the mediation process ordered by the Minister on June 15 last, in which Huon Valley Council had been ordered to implement seven Ministerial Directions. - See more ... In the Mercury today (Sept 19th, pg3) the minister stated he would not provide a running commentary and stood by his call for the mayor to stand down. The Premiers response was less than enthusiastic.... “We remain hopeful that once the process has gone through its full course then those who do want to be part of this council are able to demonstrate that and the people of the Huon can be confident they’re getting the right level of service out of their councillors,” Mr Hodgman said in .... Are Tasmanians happy with all this? ..... The regulation in the Local Government Act allows for an ‘all or nothing’ approach to dismissing councils; everyone or no-one.

HOWEVER, Huon Council is not alone in the Local Govt. Recalcitrance Stakes.
There’s a growing groundswell that’s saying enough is enough!

Actually it’s a bit like Humpty Dumpty actually! All the King’s horses
and all the King’s men are not going to be able
to put all this little googy egg back together again.

BUT it might just be possible to get another egg if we go looking for one!

watch this space
for more information

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  1. Social Media emanating out of Parliament House suggests that Minister Gutwein is about to appoint a Commissioner for Huon Council. Its being speculated that the Commissioner will be appointed for 12 months and apparently the Minister has no intention of calling local govt elections at this stage. … Reportedly, Minister Gutwein is saying council officer’s jobs will not be at risk. Apparently, the council will be dismissed mid-Oct. Commissioner appointed … Somewhat conflicting reports are saying that the Minister has only issued an ultimatum and is still hedging his bets … The last council dismissed in Tasmania was Kentish in 2002 and it appears that the Minister is looking not to create history despite the high level of dysfunctionalism in local govt in Tasmania … If he is actually baulking at dismissing Huon Council he’s likely to go down in Tasmania’s history as a powder puff with weak knees … We’ll just have to watch and wait.