Thursday, 8 September 2016

The Australian Blows UTAS Cover Story

Well if you listen to the 'Uni Sprookers' you'll come to learn that is black is indeed white and that all this is something of a mistake. Well that's this week! Some time ago UTAS was telling the Council that they had a plan to turn this kind outcome around and all that it would take would be some .... wait for it ... FREE LAND.

Apart from that no plan has been sighted and events have unfolded. There has been a concept document but no business plan yet. The THREE AMIGOS [1] [2] [3] have been unelected despite their securing money to implement "THE PLAN". AND the new Govt. that now has a majority of ONE still has it on its 'to do list' funding THE PLAN that is.

There are very good reasons for this less than adequate educational outcome for Tasmania and quite a bit of it is to do with there being the lack of a plan. 

After that there is another series of issues that  can be worked through if there was a preparedness to look beyond the status quo. That opportunity may have passed!?  

Tasmania actually needs courses that people want to do and that they can afford and that provides them with real opportunities. 

Spending all the 'promised money' that is notionally on the table in Tasmania will set off a bit of a building spree and some builders and developers might make a buck. After that who knows?

Watch this space for developing issues as there might be some!


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