Thursday, 14 September 2017

Tidey bids farewell to City of Launceston

Tidey bids farewell to City of Launceston


"After more than 30 years of service at the City of Launceston the director of corporate services and acting general manager Michael Tidey has announced his retirement.


Mr Tidey has held the position of director of corporate services at the council since the mid-1990s but his career with the City of Launceston began in the 1980s as a management accountant.

​Launceston Mayor Albert van Zetten said one of Mr Tidey's chief responsibilities was overseeing the balancing of the council's budget each year.

"The process for developing the budget each year is a detailed and challenging one," Ald van Zetten said.

"It is obviously crucial that you have someone at the helm of that process who is extremely capable and efficient, and who can lead the organisation through the opportunities and challenges that come with allocating ratepayer's dollars in the best interests of the community."


Mr Tidey also oversaw the myriad changes in information and communication technology systems since the mid-1980s, the evolution of the council's corporate strategy, and the way the council interacts with its customers.

"He has accumulated a huge amount of corporate knowledge in his 32 years with the council, and is a greatly respected member of our executive team," Ald van Zetten said.

"He is highly regarded by council staff for his ability to translate complex financial matters into simple language, and for his broad knowledge of local government and the operations of the City of Launceston."

The recruitment process for a new director of corporate services has already begun.

Mr Tidey will retire shortly after Michael Stretton commences as the council's general manager in October.





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