Friday, 29 September 2017


Dea All,

FYI. On the agenda for the Launceston City Council meeting on Monday 2 October is an item to give UTAS 5 more parcels of land at Inveresk. 

This includes land currently used for car parking in front of the QV museum and other nearby tenants of the precinct. At this stage it appears that Danny Gibson is the only alderman who is opposed to this handover. 

There is likely to be a community reaction to this agenda item possibly with members of the public attending the meeting. 

Our information is that it requires all aldermen to vote in favour of this type of motion. 

If only one alderman votes against it, the motion fails. Given the intimidation he was subjected to by the mayor after the renaming of York Park stadium last year, Alderman Gibson will need lots of support to withstand the pressure he will be under.

Meanwhile, on the same day at 4 pm, UTAS is holding a meeting at Newnham campus for staff, ostensibly for staff to be informed and give feedback on the so-called community consultation they claim to have carried out a few weeks ago.

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