Thursday, 3 May 2018

All on the never never.

In reference to the culture among the Board of the Commonwealth Bank and their failure to do anything about the entrenched misconduct among the bank's employees and executives, a report by someone on the banking royal commission talked used the term "dulling of the senses" and "wilful ignorance". (ABC radio 2 May'18)

Same applies to Launceston City Council - they are so entrenched in the culture of borrowing to fund wasteful projects, or projects of dubious value while so many other things need fixing. The aldermen have had their senses dulled by all the hype around these unnecessary and expensive alterations.

Many of the aldermen seem to think they don't have to do any due diligence. Well, actually they do - it's in their code of conduct

So the aldermen need to check that out and start moving their eyelids and wake up to what they are doing. Paving stones from WA! 

Huge amounts of land to an already existing university based on outlandish statements! and now a crazy traffic 'plan' intended to deal with a chaos of their own making! 

LCC aldermen and management all suffering a severe dulling of the senses!

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