Monday, 11 December 2017

Gutwein, TASwater, UTas & THE Council

Now we know why the Launceston City Council abstained from voting with the 25 councils against Gutwein's takeover of Taswater. 

Gutwein and his gang of proponents has given Launceston's combined stormwater-sewerage systems to Infrastructure Tasmania and his plan is to take over TasWater and sewerage in order to bypass any problems blocking the UTas development at Inveresk. 

But Gutweins' Bill was defeated 10-4 in the Legislative Council. So this sneaky deal has now all blown up in their face. 

Any development application will still come under scrutiny as per any other planning regulations

LCC were prepared to sell out the ratepayers and take away Taswater dividends of $5.5m - $180 a year each ratepayer

LCC has been complicit in all these backdoor deals! Gutwein now plans to make it an election issue

Don't let them sell your asset. Say no to their shonky deals! Vote against any party or candidate who supports the Liberal Government on this issue. "Walk a crooked mile..."

There are a few questions stemming from this: 
  • Why did Launceston City Council abstain when 25 councils voted to retain Taswater and only 2-3 Councils voted for Govt takeover? 
  • Whose idea was it to hand the Launceston system over to Infrastructure Tasmania? 
  • Why did Launceston City Council hand the system over. 
  • Who ordered the handover? 
  • Did the aldermen vote for it? 
 Infrastructure Tas is part of State Growth Dept.

D Bowen

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