Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Huon Council and Local Govt/. Generally: Its time the crap stopped!

This council's affairs are a case of knock'em down and drag'em out almost one by one. It is excruciating and its becoming clearer that if there are any innocent victims at all it's Huon's hapless ratepayers.

Where might the fault lie? There is a good case for the fault being with the Local Govt. model and the Minister just not having a handle on the situation. If you go hunting in this news story for clues fault seems to be somewhat to do with the GM's ability to interpret the law in a way, her way, that was totally different to the views held by councillor's.

Who is right? What is wrong? The evidence is piling up on the Minister's shoulders with him, it appears, being unable to see the issues clearly enough, or really able do anything, or even willing to act in a timely way. Frightened as hell about being seen as less than able his ineptitude realises his fears for him.

The recent NSW by-election was clearly effected by that government's Local Govt. amalgamation policies. Perhaps the Minister is reluctant to really deal with his portfolio in a decisive way for fear of the electoral backlash. One way or another if this sore is allowed to continue to fester there will be unwelcomed outcomes.

The bills are certainly mounting up for Huon's ratepayers all of whom are being slugged the cost of governing their constituency. It's time, no way past time, that someone got down to tintacks!

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