Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Get the sewerage out of the river!

Doug Wilkinson { Examiner 15 } and M . Seward { Nov. 3rd. } both make some valid points re. Tamar River sewage and silt problems. 

In 1992 I retired from L.C.C and the secondary plant was started and installed around 1993 at Ti –Tree Bend. 

Unfortunately L.C.C did not continue the upgrade to tertiary treatment level. 

Sheer neglect , and wrong priorities has resulted in a cost for Tas – Water { tertiary } $ 400 million , and council to find the $110 million to replace combined sewage and water pipes in front of proposed new Utas University at York Park move. 

Should silt be removed {$ 7.Million dollar state of the art dredge } and used to beautify banks of river it would make way for pleasure boats to take tourists on a river cruise , calling into wineries for meals , fishing,swimming,barbecue,weddings, you name it even cruises to Bridport and Flinders Island. 

I estimate 200,000 tourists a year would enjoy this experience , together with our beautiful Gorge walk and J .C development and Royal Park stroll. 

It is Launceston,s dream begging to go , but where our Aldermen L.C.C , Tourist Department , Chamber of Commerce , State and Federal Govt. members. 

 Action please. : get you elevators working. 

 Basil J. Fitch

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is a matter that needs the attention and commitment of the Mayor and Aldermen rather than the operational component of Council. Hand balling this kind of issue to 'the staff' is just not on if ratepayers are to get "value from their representatives". There are innovative solutions out there and one or two might fit The Tamar. On the evidence the required experts are not in-house but they may be 'in the community' if it was a proposition supported by the aldermen to ask. It is time for a change in the way problems are solved. If not the risk is more problems will go on being created.

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