Thursday, 23 June 2016


Prime Minister,

RE: University Relocation Funding For Utas in Launceston

As a member of a network of concerned citizens, residents and Launceston ratepayers I helped arrange for the OPEN LETTER to you
( ) sent to your office plus the offices of The Treasurer and Minister for Education back in March. Given development in the Bass Electorate and the Public Meeting held in Launceston’s Albert Hall last Tuesday I believe that it is timely that I draw your attention to that letter again.

There is considerable disquiet in the electorate in regard to Launceston Council’s imprudent and cavalier ‘gifting’ of public land with enormous environmental problems attached to the site – not to mention the social and cultural concerns the gift raises. You are well aware of Launceston’s flooding issues we know given that you visited Launceston at the height of recent flooding.

Notwithstanding environmental inhibitors, and far from wishing to stifle an innovative 21st Century post-secondary training and education initiative, it is clear that the concerned citizen network who wrote to you in March, still believe that a way can be found to enable such a development in the region to be realised.

I/we believe that an innovative stand-alone independently governed 21st Century post-secondary institution offering interfacing/interrelating training and degree programs has every prospect flourishing in the Tamar Region.... CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

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