Thursday, 23 June 2016


Here are a few ‘dot’ points to summarise Tuesday night’s Public Meeting:

  •  Criticism of Council’s lack of due diligence, including construction problems/costs and issues with developing on the flood plains of the North Esk River and potential seismic risks 
  • The track record of UTas in consistently chipping away at the Launceston campus making it but a shadow of what it was 20 years ago. There is no confidence this pattern will change 
  • 10,000 PLUS extra students can’t be guaranteed. It is an aspirational figure based on demographics not fact, and a fraud to say that is the kind of figure that will eventuate from this proposal 
  • Absence of support by electors 
  • Risk of UTas plan not fully eventuating or finding success – the punt
  •  Reliance on trust versus a properly defined and proven business plan 
  • The Northern Campuses remaining lesser branches of UTas without the ability of independent initiatives to remain sustainable 
  • Traffic congestion and parking inadequacies for UTas and other users of the precinct 
  •  We need a uniquely Northern campus independent of UTas 

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