Thursday, 12 May 2016

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: UTas And Election Hopes

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Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison is correct in his statement over funding for the proposed move to Inveresk that there are more pressing issues in Tasmania  whilst canvassing in Braddon on Tuesday and again on Wednesday when he quite correctly advised the appropriate Minister will address the issue.

The writer would venture to say the Minister for Education Senator Birmingham is likely to say Launceston has a University at an open space facility  in close proximity to the city and a very convenient shopping precint.

Inveresk has inherrent problems with traffic management and very major infrastructure problem over an inadequate sewage an storm water problem due to Launceston City Council deviating from upgrading the sewage and storm water system which was a priority by the council in the 1980.s and early 1990,s which requires at least 500 million dollars to rectify now.

When Prime Minister Turnbull was Minister for Enviroment in the Howard Government a committment was made to assist states to move to a combined water sewage authority the state minister Michael Aird moved on this commitment and three bodies were formed , however the Howard Government lost the election , it has been normal practice for incoming governments to honour that commitment.

The Rudd Government did not and instead gave the country the failed pink batts programme .

Aspiring Labor candidate Ross Hart would have grounds for a move to Inveresk had the capital works for sewage infrastructure been a reality.

Because of economic restraint Minister Morris is correct Tasmania has more pressing problems.

 Brian P. Khan

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