Saturday, 27 February 2016

The Uni Cannot Believe That The Public Just Will Not Believe


Read this story online and you'll get a whole new take on the world.

When you ask your marketing people to get out there and tell the story you had better hope that know what to do about social media. 

The Professor thinks he can talk his way out of misreading public sentiment and talk people around.
It does not look like its working though.

However, these people have been to a bank at some time in their life looking for money with a real case to put. They know what doesn't add up.

And yes, golly gosh Goergie Burgess, the university's line that people are dumb in Tasmania and they will believe a Professor because he is smart, that line just does not work. Neither does trust us we are the university.

Anyway the comments at the bottom of this story are a lot better reading. And some of them are a lot more entertaining than the story itself. Apparently that's how it goes these days. 

They used to say beware old men with typewriters. Now its beware all sorts of people with computers, university degrees, life experience plus the time and inclination to try and leave the world in a better condition for their children and grandchildren.

It doesn't look like they run up a HEC debt at this uni!

Take the time to read their work and sense the half baked marketing people squirm with their iPHONES on the table beside their caffellattes. It all adds some spice to reading newspapers online! 

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