Monday, 16 April 2018


Tasmania's Local Council elections will be held in September - October 2018 (except Glenorchy)

Nominations for [Green] Party preselection are now open 
and will close on SUNDAY 6 MAY 2018. 

The online nomination form can be found here. 

The Tasmanian Greens currently have nine party endorsed members in six local governments and we are aiming to increase this number at this election. 

The State Election Campaign Committee has prioritised fourteen local councils based on votes received at recent elections and party-endorsed incumbents. However, all members and supporters are encouraged to consider the importance of having Greens members in public office and nominations will be welcomed for all local council elections.

We are aiming to increase the number of local councils where Greens members are councillors. We are also aiming to increase the number of Greens councillors where there are incumbent Greens councillors. .

If you are a member who is passionate about your local community and want to see the Party's policies progressively implemented in your local council, discuss this with other party members and seek their honest feedback. You will need two members to nominate you and two to be referees. 

A member may wish to nominate for the mayoral or deputy mayoral ballots in their local council. State Executive has decided the Party will preselect not more than one member for a mayoral or deputy mayoral ballot. The preselection for mayor will occur first. If a member nominates for both, but is not preselected for the mayoral ballot, they will be included in the preselection ballot for deputy mayor. Please ensure that you are eligible to nominate, including checking the Local Government Act 1993 Sections 254 - 262

If you have any questions feel free to contact Grant Finlay via email ... "Election Coordinator"

Kind regards,    Grant Finlay 

NB: A person in the LCC Network received this information for distribution

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