Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Letter to Professor Rathjen et al

Subject: UTAS
Dear Professor Rathjen

Sorry to bother you but I thought you may be able to answer a question for me. Back in 2003 Mr Ali Sultan bought No 12-14 Bathurst St Hobart from the then government for $410,000 market value. In 2009 Utas paid him 3.5 million dollars for the property. In April 2010 Mr Andrew Edwards of Edwards Windsor was acting on the behalf of UTas re the purchase of No 57 Campbell St. I’m sure you remember, No  57 Campbell St is on a corner, adjacent to and a larger property than 12-16 Bathurst St. Mr Edwards is a real estate agent and valuer and he valued 57 Campbell St at 1 million dollars. A request was sent to UTas asking which real estate agent they used to buy the other properties on the block, they said they didn’t have to use an agent. Professor could you tell me why they used one for 57 Campbell St?

 Another one of Sultan’s property on the block sold for 2 million dollars over value. Mr Rockefeller also made a couple of million. An email was sent to you in March 2015 telling you of the $7 million dollars of taxpayer’s money given to millionaire developers. You didn’t even bother to reply, in August of that year UTas again paid Rockefeller 5 million dollars over value for two properties in Argyle St the site of the proposed Stem Development. December 2017 another property on this site was bought for 4 million dollars over market value.

Professor, I think Mr Rockefeller has psychic powers, what do you think?

Why would any sane person want to give Rockefeller any more of taxpayer’s money?

Listed below are properties owned by Rockefeller’s companies, mostly full of state and federal government offices. If there isn’t a law to restrict how many government offices can be leased from one person, there should be. I know he does business in Victoria, QLD and NSW so he is probably getting similar deals in those states. A request has been sent to Mr Hodgman asking him how much the state government is paying Mr Rockefeller for leasing office space. Hobart is a small city I reckon he has most of the government leases.

Trafalgar Building 110-114, Collins St…Nekon Pty Ltd
Elizabeth St…….Nekon Pty Ltd
256 Liverpool St…..Stanrock P/L
254 Liverpool St……Stanrock Pty Ltd
38 Barrack St…..Stanrock P/L
1 Franklin Wharf…..Newtown Rockets P/L
190-202 Collins St…..Sunset Rock Investments P/L
2-4 Salamanca Place.....Winrock Investments Pty Ltd
203 Channel Hwy, Kingston….AAD Nominees P/l
19-27 Argyle St……..United Specialists Managers P/L
2 Gordans Hill RD, Rosny Park……Cranbourne Properties P’L
51 Cattley St Burnie………Rockbros P/L  

 Mr Rockefeller takes full advantage of government grants as the attached shows. Total for four of his properties is over 1.3 million dollars.

Green Building Fund Funding offers – May 2009 
Building address 
Grant amount 
89 Pirie Street, Adelaide 
Greyville Pty Ltd as trustee for Greyville Property Trust 
91-97 Grenfell St, Adelaide 
Chesser Properties Pty Ltd as trustee for Chesser Trust 
1 Franklin Wharf, Hobart 
Newtown Rockets Pty Ltd as trustee for Newtown Rockets Trust 
19-27 Argyle St, Hobart 
United Specialist Managers Pty. Ltd. as trustee for The MBF Trust 
200 Collins St, Hobart 
Sunset Rock Investments Pty. Ltd. as trustee for Sunset Rock Investment Trust 
203 Channel Highway, Kingston 
AAD Nominees Pty Ltd as trustee for AAD Trust 
49-51 Cattley Street, Burnie 
Rockbros Pty. Ltd. as trustee for Rockbros Trust 

Mr Rockefeller’s company Nekon P/L is leasing the tourist side of the Salmon Ponds at New Norfolk. The site is owned by Inland Fisheries Services.  Quite a change for Rockefeller but I bet it’s a serious money spinner. By the way the Dept. of Primary Industries, Water an Environment have their office at 1 Franklin Wharf.

If you wish to contact the Mercury their address is 2-4 Salamanca Sq.



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