Sunday, 21 January 2018

Letter to Aldermen RE Agenda Item 8.6 Jan 22 2018

To All Aldermen, 

I wish to raise the issue of Agenda Item 8.6 on your next meeting Jan 22nd 2018. I am appalled that you have the arrogance to so brazenly attempt to further dismember proper and democratic communication with your rate payers by trying to further lock in your love of secrecy and drive for absolute power to the detriment of good governance.

You are all there to represent us, we are not mere pawns in your machinations and you show no respect for this fact. This agenda item is in my opinion, just another example of the quickly failing integrity and moral standing of this council and I remind you most strongly that we have an election coming up this year and attempts such as this to shut out and shut up the community, will be remembered most fervently.

If you have any integrity or strength of character left, if you can remember what your role is and should be, that is to both represent and include the community in caring for and progressing our city, particularly when it comes to such overriding changes as itemised in the despicable Agenda Item 8.6, then your only correct moral decision must be to vote it down. 

Thank you,

A Ratepayer

NB: Letter sent under separate cover to Aldermen

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