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"BRISBANE STREET MALL REDEVELOPMENT TO GO BEFORE COUNCIL: Following extensive consultation, the City of Launceston has released updated plans for the redevelopment of the Brisbane Street Mall.

Launceston acting Mayor Rob Soward said that the key findings from that engagement process were used to shape what elements were included in the redesign, making it more functional, attractive and inviting for retailers and the general public.

Acting Mayor Soward said Council staff had consulted widely on the redesign of the Mall with a broad range of stakeholders during the engagement process.

"Obviously from a Council perspective, it was imperative we talk to as many people and businesses affected by the redesign as possible — and that ranged from retailers, property owners, the Chamber of Commerce and its members, the Aboriginal Reference Group, Cityprom, Tasmania Police, the fire service and of course the wider Launceston community just to name a few," he said.

Some of the key design elements that resulted from the consultation include:
- Improved sight lines and crossing points;
- Improved passive surveillance, across and along the site
- New central events and activities spaces
- Public art and interactive play throughout the space
- New shelters - two larger multi-functional shelters
- Seating design options revised
- Street furniture placement review versus shop front entry
- Tree locations revised and established trees will be managed so that they provide a larger tree canopy
- Revision of garden bed features

The Mall redesign is intended to provide a flexible space that can be used throughout the year, including after 5pm, a clean and uncluttered premiere shopping environment and pedestrian covered crossing points joining both sides of the Mall.

"These will also provide additional shelter for events and activities and improved security, visibility and passive surveillance throughout the space and unrestricted views to shop fronts, as well as public art provisions throughout the site, including interactive play, and high quality street furniture," Acting Mayor Soward said.

"It will become a quality public realm with a high level of finish and detail, it will be comfortable and safe, multi-generational in that it will be an inviting space for people of all ages, somewhere people will want to visit and shop, and be identifiably Launceston.

"A great deal of time and effort went into maintaining views and improve connectivity to shops. The focus was also to minimise obstructions and obstacles through the space, while seating and tree placement was maximised to consider doorways of shops in the Mall.

"There was also a focus on removing the planter beds, which was deemed inappropriate use by the public."

Once completed, the redesign will feature approximately 100 flexible communal seats. Some of these seats will feature backs and arm-rests, while others will be more flexible and allow people to face in a number of directions.

The Council will consider the designs for the Brisbane Street Mall redevelopment and decide on whether to proceed to detailed design and tender at its general ordinary meeting on Monday."


  • "Extensive consultation" When did that happen? ... What did it look like?? ... Who did it??
  • Who's paying for this development and HOW??
  • INDEED, how was the funding arranged and so quickly???  
  • How and when were ratepayers engaged with in the funding process??
  • When were the ratepayer consulted in regard to something that was going to (likely to) impact upon their rates, and heavily, well into the future??
  • Who is making the 'cultural placemaking decisions' and on whose authority??

So, so, many questions!!

EDITORS NOTE: As has been said elsewhere, his social media posting is not much more than propaganda and it is worth quoting Vladimir Lenin here "A lie told often enough becomes the truth."

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