Saturday, 5 March 2016

Launceston Developer And The Examiner Tell It Like It Is ... Sort Of

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This is one of those occasions that one says “well he would say that wouldn’t he/she”. As for the journalism, it’s as good as money can buy in a place like Launceston. 

Whenever there is a hint of fly-in money cargo cultists like Mr. Stewart get all excited at the prospect of growing their empire, and the empires of associates in ‘The Lonnie Cabal’

On occasions like this, if the ship comes in, there’s lots, and lots, of gravy to pass around. Yes, yes, it’s a disgusting mixed metaphor but there you go, that’s the way of it. 

It seems that this “developer” is prepared to go all the way with whoever just so long it gets more builders on the job with fat pay packets and the end of the week so they can spend, spend, spend in his, and the cabal’s, businesses. 

The interesting thing here is the developer has a business plan and that is something the university is still working on – so they say

The university’s administration is keen on one thing and only one thing it seems – it seems they didn't think they needed one ... a plan that is. They, the university over-lords, need this thing they understand as a business/university to keep on going, ideally keep on growing too, just to keep them in salaries and benefits – and only that it now seems

Revelations this week about Prof Peter Rathjen's personal excesses ought to be enough to send any investor to the fiscal advisors or at least those with some 'street smarts' and/or those without an axe to grind. 

There is plenty of advice on offer out there but the trick is picking the good stuff. Launceston’s good aldermen do not appear to be good at it. Then again, they may well be relying on their own collective experiences. 

Either way you have to ask, would you invest in one of their schemes if it didn’t have a business plan? Indeed if there was no evidence of a SWOT TEST ? Would you lend them you life’s savings? 

The only way that you would (might?) is if you had no choice like Al Capon's investors didn't. 

It’s just the case that there are choices and not all of them are to do with the next election!

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